Teen Advisory Group… TAG

What is it?

TAG is a group of teen library volunteers. TAG membership can be as simple as attending monthly meetings… or as involved as weekly volunteer hours. It is up to you. Whatever your level of involvement, you are welcome to join us! (City volunteers need to be at least 15 years old.)

Get involved.

TAG membership has lots of benefits. You can get job experience and community services hours. You can play a role in planning teen library programs and purchasing teen materials. You can join an awesome and diverse group of fellow TAGgies. If you are interested in joining TAG, come to the library and talk to Bekah (your teen librarian). You will need to fill out an application to get started.

Currently a TAG member?

Like our Facebook page! Use it to communicate with Bekah about your schedule, share what you are currently reading, post favorite book quotes or program ideas… whatever!