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From World War II to the World Wide Web


Celebrate the Boomer Decades


 Join us for a celebration of the birth decades of the Baby Boomers.

Installations in “The Decade YouWere Born” dvd series will be shown.

Screen time is 7:00 p.m.


In_the_mood_sheet_music_glenn_millerThursday, April 10th     The 1940s

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected to an unprecedented third term … the country was isolationist … American workers got the forty hour work week … Walt Disney Studios released Fantasia and Pinocchio … Nylon stockings went on sale for the first time … and Glen Miller wrote the decade‘s signature song, In the Mood.


Thursday, April 17th     The 1950sMCCARTHY

1950 parents spurred the biggest story of the 20th century – the rise of the middle class – and millions of Americans left the cities for the suburbs to own a home of their own – a building boom was on. This was the decade where people built Bomb Shelters.


white-go-go-bootsThursday, April 24th     The 1960s

John F. Kennedy is the 35th President of the United States … the The Flintstones appeared on TV… Chubby Checker started a new dance craze with the twist … the U.S. men’s hockey team won gold in the winter Olympics … and Alan Shepard made the first U.S. space fight.


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