Beginning Computer Mouse

Welcome! This is the handout for the library’s class on beginning Internet use. Feel free to use it on your own if you cannot attend our classes or to share with your friends.

The purpose of this class is to teach you how to use a computer mouse so that you are more comfortable using a computer and the Internet. The class is no longer then one and a half hours. Technical computer terms are kept to a minimum. Those that are used are explained.

There are extra links at the bottom of this handout to additional resources for practice, to learn more, or to answer questions you may still have.

One class cannot guarantee that you are a master user of a computer mouse so practice, practice, practice! You can access this tutorial from any of the library’s Internet computers or from home via the library’s website. You are also welcome to try one of the basic games loaded on the library’s Internet computers to further practice mouse control.

List of current computer classes.

I. Internet Access at the Library

Public computers

The Coos Bay Public Library has 13 Internet computers available for those needing one hour of usage.  We also have three express computers with a 15 minute use limit.   For those with special needs such as taking tests, applying for jobs, doing homework, or taking online classes with have four computers that allow for longer use.

Since demand is high users are required to either check in with the reference staff or use their issued Internet card. You will be allotted one hour during peak demand. Printouts (8.5 x 11) cost $.20 per page for black and white, $.25 for color printing.

II. Learning the Mouse & Navigating the Page:

Since the use of a computer mouse is necessary for almost all navigation on the Internet, we will spend much of our time today working on control.

Here’s how many users hold a mouse. Mouse hand

  1. Mouserobics – (courtesy of the State Library of Kansas)
  2. Further practice sites for later – New User Tutorial – (The Library Network)

Note for left-handed users – to change the mouse for your use (on your computer at home) go to Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Mouse, click Buttons tab and check “Switch primary and secondary buttons,”  click on Apply then OK. Depending on what operating system you are using these steps may vary. During the class, whenever I say left click, you may use whichever hand and finger works for you as long as you are clicking on the left button as illustrated above.  Do warn your teacher that you are left handed so that we do not needlessly correct your hand position.


(a) Arrow
(b) Hand pointing
(c) Left button (click)/right button (click)
(d) I beam
(e) Hourglass
(f) Navigating the page – Scroll Bar

The scroll bar is on the right side of the computer screen. There are actually several ways to use the scroll bar. The easiest way is to simply grab the scroll bar with your mouse and drag it. Try it now by grabbing the scroll bar on the far right and moving the bar up and down.

Other options:

  • Position the mouse arrow on the page and place your finger on top of the center roll ball on the mouse. Gently roll up and down to maneuver the page.
  • You may also use the Keyboard arrows. You may need to enable the keys by first clicking on the scroll bar
  • You may also use the “Page Up” or “Page Down” buttons.


Sources of Definitions (computer lingo):

  • –,289825,sid9,00.html

More Sources for Learning the Internet:

Search Engines

  • Google –
    One of the most popular search engines.
  • Yahoo –                                                              Another popular search engine. There are literally hundreds of search engines, many of which are very specialized.


  • Gmail –
  • Outlook –
  • Yahoo! Mail –