Foreign Films


Second Friday of each month, screen time 7:00 p.m.
Refreshments served
Subtitled for English-speaking audiences.

Some of these films have not been rated and may be aimed at a mature audience. Parental discretion is advised.

sidewallsMay 9th – Sidewalls (Argentina, 2011)                                                  94min

Martin is a neurotic web designer taking baby steps out of the isolation of his one-room apartment and his virtual reality. Mariana is an artist fresh out of a long relationship. Her head is a mess, just like the apartment where she takes refuge. Martin and Mariana are perfect for each other– they live in the same street, in opposite buildings, but they never meet. Can the movement of a modern city of three million people bring them together?


kinJune 13th  -  Kinyarwanda (USA/France, 2010)                                  100 min

Inspired by true stories, Kinyarwanda tells interconnected tales from the Rwandan genocide of 1994. There is teenage Jean, who falls in love in the midst of war; Father Pierre, whose faith is sorely tested by the atrocities and Lieutenant Rose, fighting to free her country from tyranny. More than a reconstruction of harrowing events, this is an ennobling film about the flowering of hope in the midst of despair, and the need for the healing power of forgiveness.


noiseJuly 11th  –  Sound of Noise (Sweden, 2010)                                       102 min

A group of musical anarchists stage sonic “attacks” in hospitals and banks, using found items as instruments and evading a tone-deaf cop with a burning hatred of harmony. Sanna is the leader of a group that stages impromptu musical performances in public places. Once they have taken their positions and turned on their metronome, there’s no stopping the music. Meanwhile, anti-terrorism squad leader Amadeus Warnebring — a frustrated cop who hails from a family of famed musicians — vows to take down Sanna’s sonic anarchists by whatever means necessary.


All films are FREE and open to the public      Sponsored by Friends of the Coos Bay Library

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