Foreign Films

Second Friday of each month, screen time 7:00 p.m.
Refreshments served
Subtitled for English-speaking audiences.

Some of these films have not been rated and may be aimed at a mature audience. Parental discretion is advised.


iranJanuary 9th – The Iran Job (Iran/Germany, 2012)                                               90 min
At the height of international tension between America and Iran, Kevin Sheppard, a charismatic African-American basketball player accepts an offer to play professional basketball in Iran. What begins as a desire to ‘explore the unknown’ ends in an emotional roller-coaster as he forms an unlikely alliance with three young Iranian women against the backdrop of revolutionary social upheaval in Iran. (Documentary)



namesFebruary 13th – The Names of Love (France, 2010)                                        100 min
Her father is from Algeria; his mother is a Jew. She’s a free spirit, he’s a complete square. She’s provocative, he is discreet. She’s shameless, he carries several generations’ worth of guilt on his shoulders. She doesn’t hesitate to use sex to turn conservatives into liberals; he is a one woman man. Bahia Benmahmoud and Arthur Martin are as different as two people can be. So when they fall in love, sparks fly…



All films are FREE and open to the public      Sponsored by Friends of the Coos Bay Library