Internet Books


Aftab, Parry.   Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace. 004.678 AFT

Gralla, Preston.   How the Internet Works.   004.678 GRA

Kelly, Timothy V.   VoIP for Dummies.   621.38212 KEL

Kent, Peter.   Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet.   004.616 KEN

Levine, John and  The Internet for Dummies.   004.673 LEV

Oliver, Dan.   500 Internet Hints, Tips, and Techniques: the Easy, All in One Guide to Those Inside Secrets for Blogging, Vlogging, Photologging, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and More.   NEW 004.678 OLI

Schwalbe, Will and David Shipley.   Send: The Esssential Guide to Email for Office and Home658.05469 SHIP

Sherman, Chris.   The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can’t See.   025.04 SHE

Warner, Janine.   Creating Family Web Sites for Dummies.   929.2 WAR


Collier, Marsha.   Ebay for Dummies.   381.177 COL

Elliott, Alan C.   Getting Started in Internet Auctions.   381.17 ELL

Griffith, Jim.   The Official eBay Bible: the Newly Revised and Updated Version of the Most Comprehensive eBay How-to Manual for Everyone from First-Time Users to eBay Experts.   381.17 GRI

Lloyd, Jenna.   Craigslist 4 Everyone658.872 LLO


Duckett, Jon.   Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS006.76 DUC

Kinkoph, Sherry.   Teach Yourself Visually HTML.   005.754 KIN

Schultz, David.  Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML: Modern Guide and Reference005.754 SCH

York, Richard.   Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design006.7 YOR


Bocij, Paul.   The Dark Side of the Internet: Protecting Yourself and Your Family From Online Criminals005.8 BOC

Miller, Michael.   Is it Safe?: Protecting Your Computer, Your Business, and Yourself Online005.8 MIL

Walker, Andy.   Windows Lockdown!: Your XP and Vista Guide Against Hacks, Attacks, and other Internet Mayhem.   005.8 WAL, 2009


Brown, David.   Getting Started in Online Investing332.6 BRO

Frank, Stephen E.   Networth: Successful Investing in the Companies that will Prevail Through Internet Booms and Busts (they’re not always the ones you expect).   332.6322 FRA

Hooper, Michelle Dawn.   The Complete Guide to Online Investing: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply.   332.642 HOO, 2008

Kansas, David.   The Street.Com: Guide to Smart Investing in the Internet Era. 332.632 KAN

Sindell, Kathleen.   Investing Online for Dummies332.6 SIN, 2005

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition’s Guide to Online Investing: Become a Successful Internet Investor.   332.64 PET


Janal, Daniel S.   101 Successful Businesses You Can Start on the Internet. 658.022 JAN

Kamoroff, Bernard.   Online Operator: Business, Legal, and Tax Guide to the Internet.   658.84 KAM

Vitale, Joe.   Your Internet Cash Machine: the Insiders’ Guide to Making Big Money, Fast!   658.872 VIT


Ennico, Clifford R .   The eBay Business Answer Book: the 350 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making Big Money on eBay.   381.177 ENN

Griffith, Jim.   The Official eBay Bible: the Newly Revised and Updated Version of the Most Comprehensive eBay How-to Manual for Everyone From First-time Users to eBay Experts.   381.17 GRI

Lujanac, Michael P.   How and Where to Locate the Merchandise to Sell on eBay: Insider Information You Need to Know From the Experts Who do it Every Day381.177 LUJ

McGrath, Lissa.   The Complete Idiot’s Guide to eBay.   381.177 McG

Sinclair, Joseph T.   E-Bay the Smart Way: Selling, Buying, and Profiting on the Web’s #1 Auction Site.   381.177 SIN

Weltman, Barbara.  The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting an eBay Business. 381.177 WEL


Gralla, Preston.   How the Internet Works. 004.678 GRA

How to Use the Internet to Get Your Next Job.   ON ORDER

Reeves, Bob.   Teach Yourself the Internet and Email for the Over 50s.   004.6 REE

Sadun, Erica and Dennis R. Cohen.   Teach Yourself WebTV.   004.678 SAD

Barrett, Stacey.   Power Up: a Practical Student’s Guide to Online Learning.   371.33 BAR

Gardner, Susannah.   Blogging for Dummies006.7 GAR

Keen, Andrew.   The Cult of the Amateur: How Blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the Rest of Today’s User-Generated Media are Destroying Our Economy, Our Culture, and Our Values.   303.4833 KEE

McBride, Nat.   Teach Yourself Blogging.   006.7 MCB

Miller, Michael.   Googlepedia: the Ultimate Google Resource.   025.04 MIL

Morris, Tee (Author), Terra, Evo.   Podcasting for Dummies.   006.7 MOR

Neibauer, Alan.   This Wired Home: The Microsoft Guide to Home Networking004.68 NEI

Porter, Pamela Boyer and Amy Johnson Crow.   Online Roots: How to Discover Your Family’s History and Heritage with the Power of the Internet. 929.1 POR

Rowse, Darren and Chris Garrett.  Problogger: Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six-figure Income006.7 ROW

Ulick, Terry.   Truth, Lies, and Online Dating: Secrets to Finding Romance on the Internet306.73 ULI

Underhill, Rod & Nat Gertler.   The Complete Idiot’s Guide to MP3: Music on the Internet004.678 UND


Lederkremer, Miguel.  La Biblia de Internet: la Gu’a Definitiva para Estar Conectado.   Foreign Lng 004.678 LED

Levine, John R.   La Internet para Dummies.   In Processing

Maran, Ruth.  Internet y la World Wide Web: Guía Visual.   Foreign Lng 004.678 MAR

Restrepo, Jaime A.  Internet para Todos: ActualizadoForeign Lng 004.678 RES


Bolles, Richard Nelson.   Job-hunting on the Internet: a Desktop Companion to the Web Site650.14 BOL

Criscito, Pat.  E-Resumes: A Guide to Successful Online Job Hunting650.142 CRI

Enelow, Wendy S.  Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs650.14 ENE

Smith, Michael Holley.  Bioblogs: Resumes for the 21st Century650.14 SMI

Prepared by Coos Bay Public Library Reference Staff