Coos County History – A Look Back

Prepared by
Coos Bay Public Library
June 2012

General History

Above the Falls: An Oral and Folk History of the Upper Glenn Creek, Coos County, Oregon.  Youst, Lionel, 2003. 979.523 You

Oregon Coast Bridges: Including a Brief History of the Oregon Coast Highway.  Allen, Ray A., 2011.  624.209795 ALL, Oregon 2011   

Between the Forest and the Sea (video).  Southwestern Oregon Community College, 1989.  Video 979.523 Bet

Camp Cast-a-Way: (First White Settlement in Coos County).  Powers, Ruth McBride, 1956.  Oregon Archive 979.523 POW

A Century of Coos and Curry: History of Southwest Oregon.  Peterson,  Emil R., 1952.  979.5 Pet

Coos Bay.  Jensen, Andie E., 2012.  NEW 979.523 JEN 2012  

Coos Bay: An Educational Journey to the Great Natural Harbor of the Pacific (video, from a 1930 silent film).  North Bend Jr. High School, 1993.  Video 979.523 Coo

The Coos Bay Area From 1940 to 2009.  Whitty, John W., 2009.  979.523 Whi, 2009

The Coos Bay Region, 1890 – 1944: Life on a Coastal Frontier.  Douthit, Nathan, 2005.  979.5 Dou

Coos County.  Hull, Lise, 2007.  979.523 HUL, 2007

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Coos County: The Glory Years.  The World and Coos County Historical Society, 2000.  979.523 Coo, Glory

Every River a Highway: The Story of the River Boat Era (Video).  KCBY TV for Coos County Library Association, 1979.  Video 979.523 Eve

Fifty Years: Honoring Our Past, Lighting the Future; the Story of Southwestern Oregon Community College.  Lansing, William A.  2011.  NEW 378.052 LAN 2011

Glancing Back: Pioneer Lore.  Coos-Curry Pioneer and Historical Association, 1972.  979.5 Rog

Guide to Oregon South Coast History, Including an Account of the Jedediah Smith Exploring Expedition of 1828 and Its Relations With the Indians.  Douthit, Nathan, 1986. 979.523 Dou

Historical Background for the Hollering Place in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Walsh, Frank, 2010.  979.523 WAL, Historical 2010

History of the Local Area.  Coos Cooperative Library Service, 1990.  Large Print 979.523 HIS Books 1-4

History of the Port of Coos Bay.  Case, George Baxter, 1983.  979.523 Cas

Law on the Bay: Marshfield, Oregon, 1874-1944.  Jensen, Andie, 2010.  364.979523 JEN 2010  

Life and Legend in the Coos Bay Area: A Story of the Indians and the Pioneers Who First Settled on Coos Bay. Coover, Elizabeth, 197-?  979.523 Coo

Lost in Coos: Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures of Searches and Rescues on Coos River, Coos County, Oregon, 1871 to 2000.  Youst, Lionel. 2011.  363.3481 You, Lost (also in DVD)

Ninety-Five Years on Coos Bay, Oregon: from March 21, 1905.  Eickworth, Lorance William, 2000.  979.523 EIC, Ninety

Pioneer History of Coos and Curry Counties.  Dodge, Orvil, 1898.  979.5 Dod

Reflections 1900-2000: a Century of Change.  The World, 1999.  Oregon Archive 979.523 REF 1999-2000

Remember When: Coos County, Oregon Schools, 1850 to 1940.  Lansing, William A, 2008.  370.979523 LAN, 2008

South Slough Adventures: Life on a Southern Oregon Estuary.   Friends of South Slough, 1995.  979.523 Sou

The Way It Really Was in Coos and Curry Counties.  Stone, Boyd, 1993.  979.523 Sto

What Happened Here?  Stories and Legends Based on the History of Coos and Curry Counties, Oregon.  Nelson, Shirley, 2005.   979.523 Nel

Yester Years.  Ross, Gordon, 2001.  979.523 Ros

Coos Communities

Bandon By-The-Sea: Hope and Perseverance in a Southwestern Oregon Town.  Beckham, Dow, 1997.   979.523 Beckham

Coos Bay Area From 1940 to 2009.  Whitty, John, 2009.  979.523 Whi 2009

Coos County Courthouse; 100 Years, 1896 – 1996.  Coquille Valley Sentinel, 1996.   Oversize 347.02 Coo

Coos River Echoes: A Story of the Coos River Valley.   Mahaffy, Charlotte, 1965.  979.5 Mah

The Coquille Valley.  Strain, Patti Boice, 2009.  979.523 STR (3 vols.)

Dark Waters: the Reservation Years.   Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians of Oregon, 2007.  DVD 979.500497 CON, Dark

Early North Bend, a Simpson Company Town: Mill, Shipyard & Ships Built, plus North Bend-Glasgow Ferries.   Historic Landmark Commission, 2006.  979.523 NOR, Early

Haynes Inlet Memories, 1870 – 1940.  Nelson, Ines, [between 1978 and 1983] .  979.523 Nel

History of the Public Library of Coos Bay, Oregon.  Littlefield, Jon, 2009.  979.523 LIT, 2009

Louie Simpson’s North Bend.  Wagner, Dick, 1986.  979.523 Wag

The Marshfield Sun.  Marshfield Sun Association, 197?  Videos 979.523 Mar

My Valley: History of the Coquille River Valley, Outlying Areas, and More.  Stone, Boyd, 2008.  979.523 STO 2008

Myrtle Point Beginnings.  Beckham, Curt, 1986.  979.523 Bec

The Night Bandon Burned, September 26, 1936 (video).   Bandon Centennial Commission, Bandon Historical Society, 1991. Video 979.523 Nig

No Beginning: Possibly One Hundred Year History of Coos County School District 13.  Weybright, Nancy M., 1982.  Oregon Archives 371.1 WEY

North Bend.  Wagner, Dick and Judy.  2010.  979.523 Wag

North Bend Between the World Wars: 1919-1941. Wagner, Dick & Judy, 2005.  979.523 WAG

The Powers Story.   Stevens, Victor, 1979.  979.523 Ste

Progress Club 100th Anniversary, April 1904- April 2004.  Progress Club, 2004.  Oregon Archive 367.979523 PRO

The Shore Acres Story (video).  Communications Art Group, 1986.  Video 979.523 Sho

The Story of Beaver Hill (video).  KCBY TV for the Coos County Library Association, 1978.  Video 979.523 Sto

Street Legend of the City of Marshfield, Oregon.   Mingus, Everett, 1930.  979.523 Min

Up Kentuck Inlet, Long Ago.   Selthon, Edna, 1992.  979.523 Sel

Whites. [“A short story collection dedicated to all fictional Charlestonians…”].  Sebesta, Dick, 1998.  Sebesta, Whi

The People

Between Two Worlds: Chinese of Marshfield, Oregon979.523 LIT, Between 2012  

Birth, Boyhood and Beyond.  Gebhardt, George E., 1994. 921 Gebhardt

Blood on the Half Shell.  Qualman, Alfred, 1983.  921 Qualman

Between Two Worlds: Chinese of Marshfield, Oregon.  Littlefield, Jon.  2011.  NEW books 979.523 LIT, Between

Captain Lewis P. Harvey Jr., 1883-1946, of Cape Arago Lighthouse, Near Coos Bay Bar, Coos County, Oregon.  Eickworth, Clara, 1976.  OR Archives 921 HARVEY

Coquelle Thompson, Athabaskan Witness: A Cultural Biography.   Youst, Lionel, 2002.  970.495 Youst

Crippled Bread and Dead Cakes: A Great Depression Memoir.   Cox, Wanda Stovall, 1997.  979.523 Cox, Cri

Destination West!: A Pioneer Woman on the Oregon Trail.  Sengstacken, Agnes Ruth Lockhart, 1942.  921 Lockhart

Doubling Back, Autobiography of an Actor, Serio-Comical.   Meade, Edwards Hoag, 1916.  921 Meade, Edwards

Eighty-eight Years on Coos Bay: From March 21, 1905 – March 21, 1993.  Eickworth, Lorance William, 1993.  979.543 Eic

Encore: A History of Theaters and Theatre on Oregon’s Southwestern Coast.   Beckham, Dow, 2003.  792.09795 Bec

Footprints in the Sands of Time.   Running Foxe, Chief Jerry, 2004.  921 Running Fox, Jerry

A Gathering of Finches.  Kirkpatrick, Jane, 1997.  Kirkpatrick, Jane Gathering

Geordie: The Life and Times of George Ross, Jr., 1905 – 1995.  Ross, Gordon, 2000.  921 Ross, Gordon

The Goulds of Elkhorn.  Rickard, Aileen Barker, 1982.  979.52 Ric

Hangman’s Call: the Executions and Lynchings of Coos County, Oregon, 1854-1925.  Jensen, Andie E., 2008. 979.523 JEN

History of a Coos County Law Firm: from Joseph W. Bennett to Foss, Whitty,  Littlefield, McDaniel & Bodkin, LLP, 1880-2001.  Whitty, John W . 2001.  340.092 WHI

…In a Small Puddle.   Ripper, Nellie, 1987.  921 Ripper, Jack

Indians of Southwestern Oregon.   Maple, Gwynedde Tower, 1968?   970.1 Map

Instigator: the Troubled Life of Lorenzo Dow Kinney.  Wagner, Dick, 2008.  921 Kinney, Lorenso Dow Wagner

The Lady and the Lumberjack.   Barber, Olive, 1952.  921 Barber

Landis, “Pillar of the Church, Hypocrite, and Murderer”: A True Tale From Oregon’s Heritage.   Miller, Marilee, 1982.  979.523 Mil

LJ: The Uncommon Life of Louis Jerome Simpson.   Wagner, Judith and Richard, 2003.  921 Simpson, Louis

A Love Affair with Oregon.   Jamison, Dee, 1989.  921 JAMISON, DEE

Mary D. Hume, Last of the Steam Whalers.    Douthit, Nathan.  2010.  DVD 387.248 Mar

Ojiisan: Oh Gee Saan, the Life and Times of Al Qualman.  Qualman, Alfred, 1989.  921 QUALMAN AL

People of the Coquille Estuary: Native Use of Resources on the Oregon Coast…  Hall, Roberta L., Editor, 1995. 979.523 Peo

Phil Weyerhaeuser, Lumberman.  Twining, Charles E., 1985.  338.763498 Twi

Pioneers and Incidents of the Upper Coquille Valley, 1890 – 1940.  Wooldridge, Alice Hoover, 1971.  979.5 Woo

Romance on the Half Shell— and More.   Qualman, Alfred, 1990.  921 Qualman, Al

Settlement and Early Settlers of Coos Bay: Personal Sketches, Eccentric Characters, and Historical Reminiscences.  Mann, Samuel, 1879.  979.523 Man

She’s Tricky Like Coyote: Annie Miner Peterson, an Oregon Coast Indian Woman.   Youst, Lionel, 1997.  921 Peterson, Annie Miller

The Simpsons of Shore Acres.  Beckham, Stephen Dow, 1971.  921 Simpson

Tioga’s Pigs.  Krewson, E. A., 1955.  817.5 Krewson


[Photo provided by the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum]

Work, Workers, and the Economy

Can’t You Hear the Whistle Blowin’? Logs, Lignate, and Locomotives in Coos County, Oregon, 1850-1930.  Lansing, William A., 2007.  385.5409795 LAN, 2007

A Century of Coos County Railroads.  Greif, Steve.  1974.  979.523 GRE

Coos Dairy Industry: Essays and Interviews.   Parker, Connie and Joy Parker, 2009.   636.2142 Coo 2009

Early Coos County Loggers.  Beckham, Curt.  1987. 634.982 Bec

Gyppo Logging Days.  Beckham, Curt.  1978.  674 BEC

Hard Times in Paradise: Coos Bay, Oregon.  Robbins, William G., 2006.  979.523 ROB 2006 rev. ed.

High-Lead Logging: Tough Men and Wooden Trees.   Gardner, Harold, 1998.  634.98 Gar

Making Tracks: Coos County Railroads, Past and Present.   Greif, Steve and Martin Callery.  2011.  NEW DVD Video  979.523 MAK  

The Middle Fork Boom Company.   Palmer, Nellie, 1996.  634.98 Pal

The Millicoma: Biography of a Pacific Northwestern Forest.   Smyth, Arthur V., 2000.  333.750979 Smy

Plundertown, USA: Coos Bay Enters the Global Economy.   Sandine, Al, 2003.  979.523 San

Sawdust in the Western Woods: a Personal, Pictorial, and Primarily Oral History of the “gyppo sawmill” in the Douglas Fir Region, 1926-1956.  Youst, Lionel, 2009.  674.2 You, Sawdust

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Menasha Corporation and Its One Hundred Year History in Coos Bay, Oregon, 1905 to 2005.   Lansing, William A., 2005.  634.909795 Lan

Shipwrecks of Coos County.   Contino, H. S. 2011.  979.523 CON, Shipwrecks

Southern Oregon Mosquito Fleet: Stories About Coos County Boats, 1853 to 1948.   West, Victor C., 1986.  386.3 Wes

Stars in the Dark: Coal Mines of Southwestern Oregon.   Beckham, Dow, 1995.  622.334 Bec

Swift Flows the River: Log Driving in Oregon.   Beckham, Dow, 1990.  634.98 Bec

Timber and Men: the Weyerhaeuser Story.  Hidy, Ralph Willard,, 1963.  634.982 Hid

When Everybody Was Working, a Vintage Film of Logging and Lumbering.  USDA Forest Service, et. al., 1994.  Video 634.98 Whe

The Woods Were Full of Men.   Emmerson, Irma Lee, 1963.  818.4 Emmerson


[Photo provided by the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum]


These are samplings of local history materials available at Coos Bay Public Library. Also, ask at the Reference Desk for Coos County history materials available for use in the library that are housed in the Oregon Collection.