Librarian’s Picks 2009


Austin, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. AUSTIN (also in CD, LP and L2Go WMA format)

Austin, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. AUSTEN, JANE Sense (also in L2Go MP3 & WMA)

Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. BRONTE, CHARLOTT Jane (also in CD, LP and Tape)

García Márquez, Gabriel. One Hundred Years of Solitude. GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL One


Aslam, Nadeem. The Wasted Vigil. ASLAM, NADEEM Wasted

Baker, Tiffany. Little Giant of Aberdeen County: a Novel. BAKER, TIFFANY Little

Barrett, Andrea. The Air We Breathe: a Novel. BARRETT, ANDREA Air

Berne, Suzanne. Ghost at the Table. BERNE, SUZANNE Ghost (also in LP & MP3)

Bretton, Barbara. Casting Spells. BRETTON, BARBARA Casting

Dubus, Andre. Garden of Last Days. DUBUS, ANDRE Garden (also in CD & MP3)

Edwards, Kim. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. EDWARDS, KIM Memory (also in CD, L2Go WMA)

Jacobs, Kate. Knit Two. JACOBS, KATE Knit (also in LP & MP3)

Joyce, Graham. Facts of Life. JOYCE, GRAHAM Facts (also in LP & MP3)

Krauss, Nicole. The History of Love. KRAUSS, NICOLE History (also in CD)

Lamb, Wally. The Hour I First Believed. LAMB, WALLY Hour (also in CD & LP)

McLarty, Ron. The Memory of Running. MCLARTY, RON Memory (also in CD)

Morton, Kate. House at Riverton. MORTON, KATE House (also in LP)

O’Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried: a Work of Fiction. O’BRIEN, TIM Things

Setterfield, Diane. The Thirteenth Tale: a Novel. SETTERFIELD, DIANE Thirteenth (also in CD)

Stein, Garth. The Art of Racing in the Rain: a Novel. STEIN, GARTH Art (also in CD)

Tyler, Anne. Digging to America: a Novel. TYLER, ANNE Digging (also in CD, LP, & L2Go WMA)

Wroblewski, David. Story of Edgar Sawtell. WROBLEWSKI, DAVID Story (also in LP)


Barr, Nevada. Winter Study. MYS BARR, NEVADA Winter (also in CD & LP)

French, Tana. In the Woods. MYS FRENCH, TANA In

Larsson, Stieg. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. MYS LARSSON STIEG Girl (also in CD, L2G WMA)

Karp, Marshall. Flipping Out: A Lomax & Briggs Mystery. MYS KARP, MARSHALL Flipping

Sefton, Maggie. Fleece Navidad. MYS SEFTON, MAGGIE Fleece


Bujold, Lois McMaster. Beguilement. SciFi BUJOLD, LOUIS MCMASTER Sharing Knife v.1 (also in L2Go WMA)

Card, Orson Scott. Ender’s Game. SciFi CARD, ORSON SCOTT Ender 1 (also in CD, L2Go WMA)


Alfeld, Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker. The Jamlady Cookbook. 641.852 ALF

Childs, Craig Leland. House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest. 970.00497 CHI, House

Gladwell, Malcolm. Outliers: the Story of Success. 302 GLA, Outliers (also in CD & L2Go WMA)

Kuffel, Frances. Passing for Thin: Losing Half My Weight and Finding Myself. 362.196398 KUF, 2004

Larson, Erik. The Devil in the White City. 364.1523 LAR (also in CD & L2Go WMA)

Matteson, John. Eden’s Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father. 921 ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY Matteson

Myron, Vicki and Bret Witter. Dewey: the Small-town Library Cat Who Touched the World. 636.8 MYR

Rochester, A.J. Confessions of a Reformed Dieter How I Dropped Eight Dress Sizes and Took My Life Back. (only in L2Go WMA)

Sheff, David. Beautiful Boy: a Father’s Journey Through his Son’s Addiction. 921 SHEFF, DAVID (also in CD, LP, L2Go MP3 and WMA)

Tancer, Bill. Click: What Millions of People are Doing Online and Why it Matters. 006.312 TAN, 2008 (caveat – may only be of interest to librarians, researchers, and business owners looking at online market behaviors)

Walls, Jeannette. The Glass Castle: a Memoir. 921 WALLS, JEANETTE (also in CD)

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Anderson, M. T. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation. YA Book on CD ANDERSON M.T Astonishing, v.1 (also in CD & L2Go WMA)

Colfey, Eoin & Nathaniel Parker. Artemis Fowl. YP COLFER, EOIN Artemis (also in CD & L2Go WMA)

Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book. YP GAIMAN, NEIL Graveyard (also in CD)

Kolosov, Jacqueline. The Red Queen’s Daughter. YA Fiction KOLOSOV, JACQUELINE Red

Kennedy, Richard. Amy’s Eyes. YP KENNEDY, RICHARD Amy’s

Levine, Gail Carson & Sarah Naughton. Fairest. YP LEVINE, GAIL Fairest (also in L2Go WMA)

McKinley, Robin. Chalice. YA McKINLEY ROBIN Chalice

Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. (see also New Moon and Eclipse). YA MEYER, STEPHENIE Breaking (also in CD, DVD & L2Go WMA)

Paolini, Christopher. Eragon. YA Fiction PAOLINI, CHRISTOPHER Inheritance bk.1 (see also Eldest and Brisingr) (also in CD & Library2Go – done by excellent readers).

Tepper, Sheri S. Beauty: a Novel. YA Fiction Tepper

NOTE: Some titles may still be on the new shelves. So you may want to check the catalog to check an item’s current placement before searching for it.

CD = Audio book on CD-ROM
LP = Large Print
L2Go = Library2Go version available, WMA or MP3 versions may be available
MP3 = Book on CD but in MP3 format
MYS = Mysteries
SciFi = Science Fictions & Fantasy
Tape = Book on Tape
YA = Young Adults
YP = Young People (children’s section)

Prepared by Coos Bay Public Library Reference Staff