Fly Fishing

799.12 OVI
Commonsense Fly Fishing, Ovington, Ray

799.12 MCN
The Complete Book of Fly Fishing, McNally, Tom

Complete Book of Fly Fishing, Cederberg, Göran (editor)

799.124 SHA
Fly Fish the Trout Lakes, Shaw, Jack

799.12 FIS
Fly Fisherman’s Complete Guide to Fishing with the Fly Rod

799.124 MAR
Fly Fisher’s Illustrated Dictionary, Martin, Darrell

799.12 LEE
Fly Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide, Lee, David

799.12 KYT
Fly Fishing: Simple to Sophisticated, Kyte, Al

799.12 WHI
LL Bean Fly Fishing Handbook, Whitlock, Dave

799.12 VAN
Fly Fishing Equipment and Skills, Van Vliet, John

799.12 SHE
Northwest Fly Fishing, Shewey, John

Fly Tying

688.79 Art
Art Flick’s Master Fly-tying Guide

688.79 Leo
Flies: Their Origin, Natural History, Tying .., Leonard, J. Edson

688.7912 Hel
Steelhead Fly Tying Guide, Helvie, H. Kent

688.80 Van
Fly-tying Techniques & Patterns, Van Vliet, John

688.7913 Mor
Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple, Morris, Skip



799.12 Int
Introduction to Fly Fishing: L.L. Bean Outdoor Video Library

799.12 Bas
Basic Fly Casting with Doug Swisher: Fly Fishing for Trout Mastery Series

799.124 Bey
Beyond the Basics with Bill Marts: Hooked on Fishing, vol. BB

Audio Books

799.1756 Gie
Dances with Trout, Gierach, John (also available in print)

817.54 McM, They
They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? McManus, Patrick F. (also available in print)

Lesley, Craig Sky
The Sky Fisherman, Lesley, Craig (also available in print)