If you like Jean Auel…


Stephen Baxter
Joseph Bruchac – Dawn Land
Amanda Cockrell – “The Horse Catchers Trilogy
Bernard Cornwell
Jim Crace
Kathleen & W. Michael Gear – “The First North Americans series
William GoldingThe Inheritors
Harry Harrison – “Eden Series”
Sue Harrison
Cecelia Holland – Pillar of the Sky
Bjorn Kurten – Dance of the Tiger
Joan Dahr Lambert – Circles of Stone
Mary Mackey
F. J. Pesando – Sisters of the Black Moon
Petru Popescu – Almost Adam
Charlotte Prentiss – Children of the Ice
Judith Robbins – Sun Priestess
Patricia Rowe – Keepers of the Misty Time
Edward Rutherfurd
William Sarabande
Linda Lay Shuler
Rosemary Sutcliff
Judith TarrWhite Mare’s Daughter & Lady of Horses
James Alexander Thom
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Barbara Wood
Nancy Wood – Thunderwoman

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