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People give to the public library for a variety of reasons:

* Out of love of the community itself, with pride in its achievements and its quality of life, recognizing that a community is often judged by its public resources, including its library.
* In gratitude for gifts a library offers – stimulation for inquiring minds, solutions to problems, amusement, inspiration, wisdom, and the rich heritage of our past.
* Because a gift to the library is both visible and tangible yet possessed of long-lasting influence. One book will feed thousands of minds for years to come.
* In honor of one who is respected and loved, or in memory of the departed.


There are many ways contributors may choose to give:

* Gifts of money or property
* Gifts of stocks or bonds
* Matching gifts from employers or corporations
* Gifts of insurance policies or dividends
* Bequests in wills and trusts
* Gifts of appreciated property subject to capital gains

Gifts are tax-deductible. For more information, contact the Library Director at 541-269-1101.

Click for printable donation form

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