About Us

The primary purpose of the foundation is to encourage learning, reading and research among adults and children through wide use of the library services and facilities provided, maintained and operated by the City of Coos Bay; to foster an appreciation of culture and literature, both for pleasure and information; to provide incentives to develop and maintain public interest in learning, reading and culture; to enlist the support of other groups interested in advancing the above purposes; and generally to benefit, support and promote the development of Coos Bay Public Library.

Library Foundation Board

Carol Ventgen, President

Curt Benward, Vice President

Doug Wuerth, Treasurer

Sami Pierson, Secretary

Susan Anderson    Marie Benton

Joyce Day    Melanie Bloom

Steve Metz    Margo Borstad

Bob More    Gina Sutherland

Dennis Dater    Rondi Potter


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a library foundation board member, please contact a board member or call Sami at 541.269.1101.

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