Meeting Rooms

Two rooms are available for public use. Both rooms may be used any day of the week regardless of the library’s operating hours, although all meetings must be done by 10:00 p.m.  Reservations for either facility are made by contacting the Library’s Reference librarians at 541-269-1101 Ext. 238.

The small Cedar Room is furnished with a large conference table and has a seating capacity of 22. It is available free of charge to groups no larger than 22. It is not available to groups conducting sales or charging fees to the general public.

For larger groups, the Myrtlewood Room is available with a seating capacity of 100 and room fees as outlined below. Rental of the Myrtlewood Room includes use of a full kitchen, furniture set up, and use available presentation equipment. The fee schedule is:

3 hours (minimum rate) $75.00
4 hours     100.00
5 hours     125.00
6 hours     150.00
7 hours     175.00
8 hours and over   200.00